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Aquascape Pond Netting 14' x 20', 98001


As leaves collect in the bottom of the pond and begin to decompose they release compounds that promote algae growth and endanger the lives of your fish. You will save yourself a lot of work and trouble by keeping the leaves out, so before the first leaf falls, cover your entire pond with netting. This simple practice will keep your pond clean and free of debris. It will also protect your fish from predators.

After selecting the mesh size and overall net size that's right for your pond, stretch the net over the pond and secure it to the ground with anchoring pins or metal stakes. Make sure the net stays above the water surface enough to remain above even with the weight of a few leaves and twigs. This helps prevent leaf decay in the water and also keeps fish from becoming entangled in the net. Once the net is in place, check it regularly as leaves will collect on its surface and put pressure on your net. To prevent the net from becoming weighted down and dipping into the water, periodically remove the anchors on one side and flip the leaves off, then re anchor the net.

To keep your fish safe from predators leave the netting on the pond until spring. If you live in an area with large birds of prey as in osprey or herons you may need to net the pond year round to protect your large koi.

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