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AquaMeds Summer Blend Pond Formula For a Happy & Healthy Pond, 32 oz, SB32


Summer Blend will improve the efficiency of your filter, regardless of its size, by aiding in reducing the heavy bio-load during the summer months. Plus, it will give your filter the boost it needs to keep your pond water non-toxic during those hot summer spikes of ammonia and nitrite, by removing excess ammonia and reducing fish waste

Reduces heterotrophic bacteria that tend to clog bio-filters.

Keeps your pond water clear with its special blend of unique sludge eating microbes which are 100% Natural, NO harsh chemicals or medications.

Tested and proven in commercial situations with extreme environmental conditions.

Improves the health of your fish and helps stimulate their growth. Fresh, clean, ammonia and sludge free water means strong & healthy fish.

Technical Specs for AquaMeds Summer Blend Pond Formula For a Happy & Healthy Pond, 32 oz, SB32

AP178B-16 oz. (480 ml) treats up to 2400 U.S. gallons (9120 L/ 2000 UK Imp. Gal) :

Compatible Units

    PimaFix can we used with any Pond Care water conditioning products including Stress Coat Ammo-Lock and Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer. PimaFix does not interfere with water quality test kits. PimaFix can be used with pond salt and formalin-based anti-parasitic treatments. PimaFix can be used in ornamental ponds water gardens aquariums and fish holding tanks containing goldfish koi live plants snails tadpoles and frogs. A slight foaming at the water surface may occur during treatment with PimaFix. When exposed to elevated temperatures. PimaFix may turn cloudy in the bottle. This is normal and will not affect the activity of the product.


Shake well before using. Remove activated carbon and turn off UV and ozone-producing units during treatment period. Add two teaspoonfuls (10 ml) of PimaFix for every 50 U.S. gallons (190 L) or 2 cupfuls (120 ml) for every 600 U.S. gallons (2,280 L) of pond water. Repeat dose daily for seven days. Treatment may be continued if necessary. Note: A slight foaming may occur during the treatment. When exposed to elevated temperatures this product may turn cloudy in the bottle. This does not affect the activity of the product.

Warranty Information

Unfortunately sometimes products do not work like they are supposed to.
If you recieve this item and it is defective simply Contact Pondcare!

We are here and ready to help you file a claim with the manufacturer if needed. Manufacturers may want the original item back and usually will not pay for any shipping costs.

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