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PondMaster 40 Watt Submersible Ultraviolet Clarifier Sterilizer, 02940


Can be used either fully submerged or out of the water and feature a glowing monitor Halo Ring that shows the clarifier is working submerged or inline. The soft blue Halo is visible during the day or at night from any angle but does not detract from the beauty of your pond. Ultraviolet Light Pond Water Clarifier 40 watt Ultraviolet Clarifier For use with pumps up to 3000 GPH, in ponds up to 6000 gallons. Kills suspended algae with UV light. Water is pumped through the UV light and then into a biological filter to be trapped and decomposed.

Technical Specs for PondMaster 40 Watt Submersible Ultraviolet Clarifier Sterilizer, 02940

Part Number: 02940
Watts: 40W
Max Pond Size: 6000 Gal
Flow Rate: 3000 GPH
Connection Size: 1 1/2" Threaded
Cord Length: 18 Feet
Warranty: 1 Year

Warranty Information

Unfortunately sometimes products do not work like they are supposed to.
If you recieve this item and it is defective simply Contact Pondmaster!

We are here and ready to help you file a claim with the manufacturer if needed. Manufacturers may want the original item back and usually will not pay for any shipping costs.

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