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Every pond enthusiast knows that Savio pond products are among the best on the market, and that’s why we carry all their top products here at Pond Supplies 4 Less. Along with Savio filters, skimmers, UV lights, and components, we also have replacement parts for all your equipment, so if you're looking for some new gear for your garden or fish pond, you’ve come to the right place.

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Savio Pond Products: UV Lights
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Savio Pond Products: Pond Replacement Parts



Savio filters are ideal for ponds and waterfalls, and their modular design makes increasing filtration a cinch—all you have to do is connect multiple filters together to increase your flow rate. What's more, these filters are designed for high-efficiency: they're up to three times more effective than other filter designs, and even after 10 weeks they're still up to 90 percent efficient.


One of the best things about Savio skimmers is that they skim, provide biological filtration, and use mechanic filtration to keep your pond as clean as possible. They're available in compact, standard, and large sizes, and all Skimmers are ready to be fitted with an integrated UV system that will keep your water algae and pathogen-free.

UV Lights

These come in 18-watt, 26-watt, and 50-watt versions, and no matter what size you choose, you'll get the most advanced pond UV light technology and an (almost) maintenance-free stainless steel design.

A Wide Selection of Replacement Parts

On top of carrying a full range of Savio pond supplies and equipment, we also have a great inventory of parts for those times when you need to upgrade, fix, or maintain your pond components.

Our replacement parts inventory for Savio products includes:

  • Filter pads, biofilter and ceramic media, bags, mats, lids, grates, tanks, valves, and much more
  • Pump and skimmer parts, including discharge kits, weirs, baffles, baskets, water levelers, and intake kits
  • UV bulbs, splitters, transformers, and other lighting parts
  • Waterfall well replacement tanks, covers, and discharge kits

Savio Products: High-Tech Products for the Natural World

Savio has been creating high-quality products for the gardening and pond market for over 20 years, and their goal is to create better products that last longer and make home ponds cleaner, healthier, and easier to maintain. This means your Savio pond supplies are made with the best materials, the smartest designs, and all the latest technology.

Furthermore, the company is dedicated to making pond components that work in conjunction with their natural setting, and the result is clean and fresh backyard ponds that use little energy and require little maintenance.

The best part about shopping with Pond Supplies 4 Less is that you can get all your Savio pond supplies, equipment, and replacement parts in one convenient location. And in case you needed more incentive, we also offer free shipping on orders over $79 and are always available to help you choose parts and supplies.

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