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Ten Gorgeous Pond Designs

Ten Gorgeous Pond Designs

What style of pond fits you best? Formal, or rustic? Read on, and use these ideas for inspiration.

Your imagination is the only limit. You want to spend your time enjoying your pond, not fussing over it! The experts at Laguna Pond help you choose the right pumps, filters, and other equipment for your pond size. In addition, gardeners love the convenience of containers for plants in and around the pond. Buy a variety of sizes, and move the containers as needed for plant feeding and maintenance. 


When we think of a classical design, we think of a Greek temple: clean, straight lines, pleasing shapes, balance, symmetry. Create this atmosphere in and around your pond using a rectangular shape, and a bubbling fountain in the middle. Float stately variegated flags and Siberian iris, and surround the pond with more iris and a planting of spring bulbs.

Use UV lighting to control algae, keeping water pristine.


Here again, symmetry and classic shapes are important, but you can branch out with shape and color and still have a formal look. Think of a beautiful, colorful, yet formal wedding!  A square or round pond with a statuary fountain in the middle will have an elegant, formal look.  Or, try a bubbling urn in the center of your pond. Purchase the perfect pump to suit the size of your urn or planter.

Add water lilies in floating tubs, and keep them trimmed to a neat mass in the center of your pond. Fertilize them to keep them looking sharp all season.  As contrast, add softening details next to your pond, such as a planting of tea roses and peonies.


Country style lovers, here is the pond concept for you. We love the atmosphere of a country brook: a small pool and waterfall, with some lazy goldfish and flowers cascading from the banks. Try a gently rounded shape, and add a waterfall.  Or use a rustic barrel, and have a stream flow from it, using a concealed pump. Float water lilies here and there. Add containers of cattails, and ornamental grasses, and top it off with Shasta daisies and rambling shrub roses alongside.  Surround your pond with different shaped rocks for a natural look. 

Add compact lights for a lighted nook in or around your pond, to complete the cozy look.  


Bring feathered friends to your pond with a bird-lovers’ arrangement.

Gardens, ponds, and birds are a natural. Birds enjoy clean water to drink and to bathe in. You can attract birds to your pond by adding elements they need, including some shade, plants and shrubs to perch in and hide in, plants which attract insects, and an area of shallow water. When digging your pond, ue shallow “shelves”, and use a custom pond liner to bring your bird pond to life.

Birds love water droplets or fountains to bathe in so you’d want to add a fountain feature. On a high quality fountain pump, you can adjust the pressure to create a small or larger fountain.  Try different settings to see what the birds like best.

Birds don’t like slippery surfaces, so add natural rocks around the edge of your pond, rather than tiles or flat rock.


Reflecting Pool

Perhaps you’d like a pristine water feature that reflects the sky above. A pool of clear, clean water can be calming and refreshing. Try surrounding your choice of pond shape with simple flat stones or bricks.

Keep the water sparkling with your choice of pond filters. In addition, you won’t want your pond to stagnate, so keep the water moving with a pump. At Laguna Pond Supplies, find pump and filter combinations to suit the size of your pond. Algae can make the water appear cloudy; keep algae out of the water with Algaefix. Use a pond skimmer net daily to remove debris.


Some water lovers don’t have space for a pond. These folks can still make a splashing waterfall the center of the garden with a pondless waterfall setup. Pondless waterfall pumps recirculate water from a basin, sized to accommodate any needs. 

Purchase a convenient waterfall package from Do-It-Yourselfers can install the equipment in as little time as a weekend. An underlayer and liner are necessities for a pondless waterfall. Create a natural look with rocks and gravel, or show your masonry skills with brickwork. Spray convenient Waterfall Foam around your stone work, to ensure that water remains in your basin and doesn’t seep away.

A Raised water feature is a lovely way to have water in a small space. It is also a good option if children will be visiting the pond. Raising the pond off the ground prevents little ones from dropping toys, shoes, and themselves in the water, yet you can still enjoy water, even a fountain. Pond lovers find that a beautiful vessel, such as a large terra cotta, stone, or concrete pot, makes a perfect raised water feature, and can easily accommodate a fountain or waterfall. Small pond pumps can be purchased which will fit your vessel. 

Whether your raised pond is large or small, clean your pump regularly.

Many pond keepers add netting over the top of raised water features- it can be pulled out and debris (or toys!) quickly removed.

Moon Garden Pond

A classic favorite gardening design is the moon garden, which features an all-white color scheme. 

Perhaps you would like to start with a round pond, to echo the shape of the moon?  Create a moon garden around your pond using plants such as white iris, cleome, and peonies. Lamb’s Ears have light silver-green foliage that complements a white garden.  Plant a white dogwood in the background.  Float white water lilies, bog lilies, and ginger lily in your pond in containers.

Add pond lighting to make your moon garden pond glow even when the sky is cloudy.  Always purchase highest quality lighting supplies to ensure the safety and longevity of your lighting.  

Finally, use fertilizer spikes from Laguna, a fuss-free way to keep your white flowers in bloom.

The Shade Garden pond

A shady spot is made even more beautiful by the addition of a water feature. Imagine a secret shaded garden with a bubbling waterfall peeking out of an urn or barrel.

Surround your shaded pond with hostas, astilbe, lily of the valley, and azalea. Hostas come in a variety of sizes, and colors from light green to deep blue-green. Plant some in the ground and some in containers, using appropriate planting medium. Move the containers around until you get the effect you prefer.

Add shade-loving water plants in containers. Try variegated sweet flag, which provides a pop of color in both foliage and flowers.

Wetland garden pond

Use an underlay and pond liner to create a wetlands garden pond. Inspiration: a bog, with its huge variety of color and plant life.

Use professional quality supplies to keep your wetlands garden headache-free and healthy. Try UV lights to prevent excessive algae growth, and use removable containers for planting so you can pull out plants that need care. Keep a skimmer handy to reduce debris.

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