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Prepare Your Fish Pond for Spring

Prepare Your Fish Pond for Spring

Spring is here! Is your pond ready? Your fish are at their most vulnerable at the beginning of Spring. Coming out of a long winter, they have been fasting for several months, and their immune systems are weak. It is vital that you properly prepare your pond to ensure that your fish will thrive!


When Can I Prepare my Koi Pond for Spring?

The first and most important consideration is water temperature. If you do not currently have a floating water thermometer in your pond, you should get one as soon as possible. Do not start any preparations on your pond until the water temperature is consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The one exception to this is the addition of beneficial bacteria to jump start the nitrogen cycle, which can be done once water temperatures are above 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the water is consistently above 50 degrees, the first recommended step to prepping your pond is to add an anti-parasitic. You may also consider adding a probiotic, such as Koizyme, to keep bad bacteria at bay. Avoid the use of chemicals, as these can upset the balance of beneficial bacteria in your pond. It is important to know the exact size of your pond, as the proper dosage of these probiotics and anti-parasitics is dependent on the volume of your pond.

Next, you will want to thoroughly clean your pond and filters. You can use a pond vacuum to remove debris, and make sure to also clean out any dead plants and leaves. Once your pond and filters are cleaned and free from debris, you should begin running your filter.


When to Begin Feeding Koi After Winter

You are probably eager to begin feeding your fish again, but it is crucial that you ease back into regular feedings carefully. This is one of the single most important parts to ensuring the health of your koi. Because your fish have been fasting, their digestive systems will need an easy reintroduction to eating with simple to digest foods. You can soak their regular food in water to soften it, although this can make your pond dirty. The recommended method is to start with small amounts of a specially formulated, highly-digestible fish food. At the start of the season, you should feed your fish once every few days. Slowly as temperatures rise, you can begin feeding more frequently, moving up to once per day.

Pond Supplies for Less is proud to carry everything that you need to prepare your pond for Spring, and ensure that your koi will enjoy a happy and healthy life. Follow these instructions for Spring preparations, and you are sure to have success!

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