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Selecting the Best Pond Chemicals When You Have Fish

Are you a new pond owner? Making a pond for your home or business promises a serene atmosphere. Your pond increases in value when you have fish swimming around. But Read More >>

7 Plants That Will Liven Up Your Pond

There's nothing more majestic than a pond in your front or backyard to set the tone for outdoor activities. Water features add depth and charm to any outdoor design, Read More >>

Own A Pellet, Wood or Gas Stove? Read This If You Do.

We've found that many of our readers and customers, which have ponds also have stoves.  You may not know this but we own a sister site called: Stove Parts For Less a Read More >>

Can Warm Pond Water Hurt My Fish?

Anyone who lives in the United States or Canada knows that this has been an exceptionally warm fall.  For many, this is further evidence that global warming is real, Read More >>

Ten Gorgeous Pond Designs

What style of pond fits you best? Formal, or rustic? Read on, and use these ideas for inspiration. Your imagination is the only limit. You want to spend your time e Read More >>

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