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Informative Pond Articles

Helpful news, tips and trick to keep your pond healthy all year round provided by Pond Supplies 4 Less!

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Filters, Flowers, and Fish - A Filter Primer

What could be more fun than filling your man-made pond with beautiful fish and plants? Water gardening adds a whole new dimension to the life of a gardener. Natural

“We Have a New Pond!” - Choosing the Right Pump for Your Pond

Friends down the road have inherited a manmade pond that needs some love and care. They asked us, how can we revitalize our pond and make the water clear and sparkli

How to Choose the Best Pond Filters for Your Backyard Pond

Many homeowners are adding backyard ponds to add a touch of serenity and beauty to their yards. But ponds, like aquariums, can look deceptively simple to maintain.

Selecting the Best Pond Chemicals When You Have Fish

Are you a new pond owner? Making a pond for your home or business promises a serene atmosphere. Your pond increases in value when you have fish swimming around. But

7 Plants That Will Liven Up Your Pond

There's nothing more majestic than a pond in your front or backyard to set the tone for outdoor activities. Water features add depth and charm to any outdoor design,